Dana Loesch: ‘Why do Bakeries Have to Follow Laws, but Sanctuary Cities Don’t’

The Foxhole

Of course, it’s a matter of selective enforcement based on political agenda.

Hat tip: BizPac Review.

Businesses must “follow the law” and bake a cake but cities can ignore law and be “sanctuaries” for those who enter illegally?

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Pretty soon, Christians, patriots, and anyone who refuses to goosestep to the liberal cultural fascist party line, will need sanctuary cities.

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Constitution 101

Some knowledge for those of you who undoubtedly missed it in school.

Back to Liberty

There has been much talk lately about our Constitution and what rights, we, as Americans have and don’t have and why it is important to understand what this document is and why we, as citizens, need to protect it.  Too much of our freedoms are being stripped away, under the guise of granting liberty, but in fact we are dangerously close, if we don’t WAKE UP!, to losing all our freedoms completely.

Constitution with flag We the People

WE THE PEOPLE….are the ones with the power.  The United States Constitution is a document that limits the power of the government and gives it to the people.  Don’t think of the Constitution as a document that gives people the right to do something. But rather it is a document that limits what the government can do.  Think of it this way….The Constitution is what keeps the US Government in check and holds them back from doing what…

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Let the South Speak: Ideology and Symbolism

Liberals are trying to censor America, censor history, just to further their agenda.

Plato Shrugs


People rally around symbols. All too often groups of people are unable to correctly express their political feelings or ideological inclinations; so they cling to symbols in desperation. Flags and emblems, represent collective hopes, fears, aspirations, and feelings differently depending on who you ask and how you’re feeling that day. The Christian cross can be a comforting sight for those in a devout protestant community, or a disgusting symbol for Christian atrocities in their numerous invasions of the holy land.

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Take Action! Protect Religious Freedom!

Whether I believe in it or not the government has no right to force their views on peoples’ religion. What ever happened to freedom and free speech?

Watchmen On the Wall Ministries

Please sign the petition at http://afa.net/action-alerts/urge-attorney-general-jim-hood-to-protect-religious-liberty-in-mississippi/ urging Attorney General Jim Hood in Mississippi to protect the religious freedoms of circuit clerks to refuse to issue marriage licenses to homosexuals if it violates their faith.

Constitutionally the Supreme Court ruling to legalize homosexual marriages does not throw out religious freedom guaranteed by the 1st Amendment.

Please pray that Attorney General Hood will stand up for religious freedom, and share this petition with everyone you can.

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Republicans vs Democrats

Republicans believe every day is July 4. Democrats believe everyday is April 15.
Democrats love spending our money. Hence Obama and Obama”care”. Like Americans don’t have anything better to do with their hard earned cash. Oh wait, we do. Thanks Obama.

Ronald Reagan
Need I say more?

Democrats v Republicans 2016?
Bernie Sanders versus Rand Paul. Regardless, of how good of a candidate Sanders’ may seem, he’s probably too old to actually win. Even if he is a Democrat genius liberals won’t vote for him because he’s not different enough. Another white dude? Check your privilege. The mindless sheep known as Democrats are going to vote for Hilary Clinton. Why? Because why not, that’s the only reason they can seem to come up with. Well there’s plenty of reasons to vote for Rand Paul.

“Democrats are progressive, Republicans are racist’
That’s the mindset of liberals. To be fair that’s a pretty decent strategy. If I don’t think Hilary Clinton should be president I’m sexist. If I don’t think we should give unqualified minorities jobs just for being a minority, I’m racist. I just hope other people don’t fall for their delusions and aren’t afraid of them.

Democrats try to see the good in people, except Republicans.
At least I sort of see it like that. Why else do they just throw money at people who don’t work for it? Except of course Republicans are evil hell spawn to them.

No One Likes Me

And that’s ok! America is full of pussies. I’d really like to know how that happened. Can you believe a teacher was fired for stepping on an American flag during his class about free speech? To be fair that probably gets the point across pretty well. (Get it? We don’t have free speech) The government treats our rights like a “Christian” treats their Commandments and sins. (Of course, I’m not religious but I think that religion and the bible was meant to remind people to be decent human beings, not to sit on their ass and complain that “God” isn’t answering their prayers. Get off your ass and work for it you lazy piece of shit). It’s like the Bill of Rights is just some fancy decoration to put in a museum. Look at how just one person who decided to shoot up a church somehow made the Confederate flag racist. See, because all you “righteous” mother fuckers don’t understand that our good ol’ star spangled banner represents treason (what were you doing through 12 years of schooling?) just the same as the Confederacy, the government pussies just chip away again at our freedom. Yes, let’s end up just like Germany.