Disrespecting America

This is fucking disgusting. If you don’t like America then get the fuck out. Why are you here? They need to be fucking killed, don’t even waste money on jailing them, or deporting them. This is the country that gave you freedom you fucks. This is exactly why they don’t leave, they know that nowhere else do they get the same help and babying that America gives them. They are just a waste of fucking space and a plague on society.

Why is this OK? If I wanted to step on the African flag, that would be racist. If I wanted to step on the Gay flag, that would be racist. The Confederate flag is “racist”, and now the American flag isn’t okay either. Just shut the fuck up and die, I’m sick of ignorant retards that are ruining this country.


Dana Loesch: ‘Why do Bakeries Have to Follow Laws, but Sanctuary Cities Don’t’

The Foxhole

Of course, it’s a matter of selective enforcement based on political agenda.

Hat tip: BizPac Review.

Businesses must “follow the law” and bake a cake but cities can ignore law and be “sanctuaries” for those who enter illegally?

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Pretty soon, Christians, patriots, and anyone who refuses to goosestep to the liberal cultural fascist party line, will need sanctuary cities.

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Whites the New Minority?

It must be because of all the liberal “check your privilege”, that something interesting has happened. See, everyone is trying to help out the “disadvantaged” kids that are minorities. You know, because white men get all the advantages in life. So those liberals set up scholarships and grants such as the, “here’s $1000 because you’re black” Foundation (or Hispanic, or a women, or gay, etc.). As a straight white man that’s poor as dirt, where’s my scholarships? Do I have to paint myself in blackface to count as needy?

Yes, the liberals that cry for equality treat people with everything but, and that’s apparently progressive. People say racism is still alive in America, and you’re damn right it is. The whole movement for equality is just fundamentally backwards. Here’s a tip, if you want equality, DO NOTHING. It’s called survival of the fittest, if they can’t make it on their own then so be it. But putting them on crutches and giving them handouts just increases the population of useless people in our society.

You’re giving these people money, and job preference over a more qualified candidate, just for being a certain skin color (or gender, or sexuality, etc.). Is this not the very basis of discrimination? I don’t know about you but it makes me sick.