Ignorant America

By God I’m sick of it. I am using the word ‘ignorant’ to be at least somewhat tactful, but who gives a fuck right? It’s beyond ignorance at this point.

Now I wanna talk about two types of people. There are the people that say, “oh I don’t care about politics, it’s a bunch of bull shit and I don’t want to get wrapped up in it.” Choosing to be ignorant is fucking retarded, ignorance is not bliss you moron. If a war breaks out are you just going to carry on as usual because you choose to ignore it? Maybe stop by the grocery store that was bombed this morning, and then head to your job that doesn’t exist anymore? (News flash, this is actually happening right now)

Then there is the other people. The people that are a strong supporter of politics, who never miss an election and firmly believe they knows what they’re talking about and vote for the “right” person. Well these people are just incredibly fucking wrong. They are so wrong it’s almost classifiable as a mental illness. Yes, everyone who supports Clinton is just plain delusional.

Just to be fair, it’s not restrictive to liberals only. There are some great big idiots in the republican party as well. I mean, who the fuck reasonably thinks Trump should be the president of the United States? Sure he knows how to run a business and turn a profit very well, but unless he plans to simultaneously send every American overseas to China along with the jobs he’ll outsource, then we’re fucked. Take a look at anything that Trump makes, it’s not made in America. So not only does Trump give jobs to other countries instead of America, he blatantly contradicts himself, and on multiple occasions too.

That’s Americans for you, blind and stupid.


Say ‘No’ to Clinton ’16

People are saying Bernie Sanders is too old to be president. Well what about Hilary Clinton? She will be 69 when the next president is sworn in, a few years younger than Sanders. How does that make her better? She even had a stroke!

Hilary Clinton made Hilarycare years ago, basically a worse version of Obamacare. As the first female president, following the first non-white president, Hilary Clinton is gonna wanna get her name on something just like Obama. So: 1) You that know she’s going to keep the social economic failure that is Obamacare, or even try to shit out Hilarycare again. 2) Why do you want a president who is going to neglect the people of America just to make a name for herself like Obama has been for 2 terms?

Democrats have proven time and time again that they just ruin the economy and raise our taxes. If you want to give half your pay check to Clinton go ahead, but the rest of us don’t.
Do you want to see America burn to the ground while Hilary Clinton watches from one of her mansions? I don’t.

Mitt Romney’s perfect assessment of Hillary Clinton

Yep, that’s the idea. Hilary Clinton doesn’t give a fuck. She doesn’t care about you, she’s just gonna fed you the bullshit it takes her to win then go back to one of her many mansions. No you cannot trust Hilary Clinton.

T.B Rickert's Call

It appears that not being an official candidate for the President is a comfortable role for the former GOP presidential nominee as he looks more relaxed while assessing the Democratic front runner:

If only he campaigned like this in 2012.

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The Lies of Democrats

We all know Democrats lie, (where’s that change Obama?) but you never would’ve guessed this.

Democrat citizens are in denial while their politicians are laughing at their stupidity. The Democrats are ruining the economy, they are taking the average American’s hard earned income with taxes to send to the lower class citizens which they are keeping poor and stupid so that all it takes is some HUD housing and EBT cards to win their vote. And they believe it. You as Americans believe the crap Democrats are feeding you, and you believe it so firmly that not only do you support their path to economic disaster and lies, you fight for them as well. Is America really that stupid? Can anyone even explain to me what Hilary Clinton plans to do with the presidency? Ruining the country of course, but how? I see Clinton supporters left and right, yet they all fail to mention why she should be president. Maybe it’s not their fault because it seems like Hilary Clinton is just planning on cruising to the White House on her recognition for being Bill Clinton’s side bitch and the Democratic cult hivemind that “Republicans are bad!”

Ask yourself what Hilary Clinton is going to do for you. And don’t bother answering because it’s nothing. That was a trick question, Hilary Clinton will do nothing for you.

Republicans vs Democrats

Republicans believe every day is July 4. Democrats believe everyday is April 15.
Democrats love spending our money. Hence Obama and Obama”care”. Like Americans don’t have anything better to do with their hard earned cash. Oh wait, we do. Thanks Obama.

Ronald Reagan
Need I say more?

Democrats v Republicans 2016?
Bernie Sanders versus Rand Paul. Regardless, of how good of a candidate Sanders’ may seem, he’s probably too old to actually win. Even if he is a Democrat genius liberals won’t vote for him because he’s not different enough. Another white dude? Check your privilege. The mindless sheep known as Democrats are going to vote for Hilary Clinton. Why? Because why not, that’s the only reason they can seem to come up with. Well there’s plenty of reasons to vote for Rand Paul.

“Democrats are progressive, Republicans are racist’
That’s the mindset of liberals. To be fair that’s a pretty decent strategy. If I don’t think Hilary Clinton should be president I’m sexist. If I don’t think we should give unqualified minorities jobs just for being a minority, I’m racist. I just hope other people don’t fall for their delusions and aren’t afraid of them.

Democrats try to see the good in people, except Republicans.
At least I sort of see it like that. Why else do they just throw money at people who don’t work for it? Except of course Republicans are evil hell spawn to them.

Paul 2016?

Who else thinks Rand Paul should be the next president? I’m not religious, but God help us if Hilary Clinton becomes the president. I’m not even trying to be sexist (yes, I did check my privilege).

Hilary Clinton is like Kim Kardashian, why is she famous again? She couldn’t satisfy her husband, how is she going to satisfy the country?

We need a real president, not a diversity hire who spent his 8 years just trying to get his name on a bill so he can get his stupid name as a footnote in textbooks.

Obama is like every guy in high school trying to get in a girl’s pants. He tells her, “baby I’ll get a job and we can like move in together, I love you baby.” So she fucks him because she has no standards or self respect. But he never does get a job, and he even makes her pay for him on dates now. Well, then she broke up with him but inevitably took him back because ‘sure it was bad but I did have sex with him, so I guess I love him. Maybe this time it will be different.’ And now he keeps asking for anal.

Vote for Rand Paul everybody!