Constitution 101

Some knowledge for those of you who undoubtedly missed it in school.

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There has been much talk lately about our Constitution and what rights, we, as Americans have and don’t have and why it is important to understand what this document is and why we, as citizens, need to protect it.  Too much of our freedoms are being stripped away, under the guise of granting liberty, but in fact we are dangerously close, if we don’t WAKE UP!, to losing all our freedoms completely.

Constitution with flag We the People

WE THE PEOPLE….are the ones with the power.  The United States Constitution is a document that limits the power of the government and gives it to the people.  Don’t think of the Constitution as a document that gives people the right to do something. But rather it is a document that limits what the government can do.  Think of it this way….The Constitution is what keeps the US Government in check and holds them back from doing what…

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