The Lies of Democrats

We all know Democrats lie, (where’s that change Obama?) but you never would’ve guessed this.

Democrat citizens are in denial while their politicians are laughing at their stupidity. The Democrats are ruining the economy, they are taking the average American’s hard earned income with taxes to send to the lower class citizens which they are keeping poor and stupid so that all it takes is some HUD housing and EBT cards to win their vote. And they believe it. You as Americans believe the crap Democrats are feeding you, and you believe it so firmly that not only do you support their path to economic disaster and lies, you fight for them as well. Is America really that stupid? Can anyone even explain to me what Hilary Clinton plans to do with the presidency? Ruining the country of course, but how? I see Clinton supporters left and right, yet they all fail to mention why she should be president. Maybe it’s not their fault because it seems like Hilary Clinton is just planning on cruising to the White House on her recognition for being Bill Clinton’s side bitch and the Democratic cult hivemind that “Republicans are bad!”

Ask yourself what Hilary Clinton is going to do for you. And don’t bother answering because it’s nothing. That was a trick question, Hilary Clinton will do nothing for you.


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