Republicans vs Democrats

Republicans believe every day is July 4. Democrats believe everyday is April 15.
Democrats love spending our money. Hence Obama and Obama”care”. Like Americans don’t have anything better to do with their hard earned cash. Oh wait, we do. Thanks Obama.

Ronald Reagan
Need I say more?

Democrats v Republicans 2016?
Bernie Sanders versus Rand Paul. Regardless, of how good of a candidate Sanders’ may seem, he’s probably too old to actually win. Even if he is a Democrat genius liberals won’t vote for him because he’s not different enough. Another white dude? Check your privilege. The mindless sheep known as Democrats are going to vote for Hilary Clinton. Why? Because why not, that’s the¬†only reason they can seem to come up with. Well there’s plenty of reasons to vote for Rand Paul.

“Democrats are progressive, Republicans are racist’
That’s the mindset of liberals. To be fair that’s a pretty decent strategy. If I don’t think Hilary Clinton should be president I’m sexist. If I don’t think we should give unqualified minorities jobs just for being a minority, I’m racist. I just hope other people don’t fall for their delusions and aren’t afraid of them.

Democrats try to see the good in people, except Republicans.
At least I sort of see it like that. Why else do they just throw money at people who don’t work for it? Except of course Republicans are evil hell spawn to them.

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