Paul 2016?

Who else thinks Rand Paul should be the next president? I’m not religious, but God help us if Hilary Clinton becomes the president. I’m not even trying to be sexist (yes, I did check my privilege).

Hilary Clinton is like Kim Kardashian, why is she famous again? She couldn’t satisfy her husband, how is she going to satisfy the country?

We need a real president, not a diversity hire who spent his 8 years just trying to get his name on a bill so he can get his stupid name as a footnote in textbooks.

Obama is like every guy in high school trying to get in a girl’s pants. He tells her, “baby I’ll get a job and we can like move in together, I love you baby.” So she fucks him because she has no standards or self respect. But he never does get a job, and he even makes her pay for him on dates now. Well, then she broke up with him but inevitably took him back because ‘sure it was bad but I did have sex with him, so I guess I love him. Maybe this time it will be different.’ And now he keeps asking for anal.

Vote for Rand Paul everybody!


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