No One Likes Me

And that’s ok! America is full of pussies. I’d really like to know how that happened. Can you believe a teacher was fired for stepping on an American flag during his class about free speech? To be fair that probably gets the point across pretty well. (Get it? We don’t have free speech) The government treats our rights like a “Christian” treats their Commandments and sins. (Of course, I’m not religious but I think that religion and the bible was meant to remind people to be decent human beings, not to sit on their ass and complain that “God” isn’t answering their prayers. Get off your ass and work for it you lazy piece of shit). It’s like the Bill of Rights is just some fancy decoration to put in a museum. Look at how just one person who decided to shoot up a church somehow made the Confederate flag racist. See, because all you “righteous” mother fuckers don’t understand that our good ol’ star spangled banner represents treason (what were you doing through 12 years of schooling?) just the same as the Confederacy, the government pussies just chip away again at our freedom. Yes, let’s end up just like Germany.


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